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Your Stafford Apartment Community is Hosting an Easter-Basket Raffle

[caption id=\"attachment_73\" align=\"alignleft\" width=\"367\"]\"Have Have a blast at your Stafford luxury apartment community\'s Easter raffle![/caption]

Spring events in Stafford are in full swing, and your Stafford luxury apartment community  is giving you a chance to win your own Easter basket stuffed with goodies!

While originally spawned by the legend of Eostre, which  prompted farmers to offer baskets of seedlings for her blessing in hopes of a successful harvest many centuries ago, the tradition of celebrating the spring holiday by leaving baskets of candy and other surprise treats has been firmly intertwined in many family traditions.

In the 18th century, German immigrants brought their tradition of the white hare into the mix, a furry friend who would visit the day before Easter to fill children’s bonnets and caps with eggs and candy. In America, the hare became a rabbit and hats were replaced by the symbolic baskets. In 21st century Virginia, we\'re committed to celebrating in style as well.  Stop by the Aquia Terrace leasing office anytime during business hours to receive your raffle ticket. The winner will be announced on March 28. Please call 540.288.9800 for more information, and be sure to like our Facebook page for current information on spring events in Stafford!

Photo via Flickr.