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Visit George Washington s Childhood Home at Ferry Farm

Northern Virginia has a wealth of history for you to explore, and of all of the attractions in and around Stafford Va that you should check out, George Washington\'s childhood home at Ferry Farm is one that you should definitely put on your to do list. [caption id=\"attachment_727\" align=\"alignright\" width=\"300\"]\"Visit Source:[/caption] Ferry Farm is located across the Rappahannock river from Fredericksburg, and is a beautiful place that encompasses eighty acres of lush farmland. The original site for the home was only discovered recently in 2008. There are beautiful gardens filled with plants that were grown during the time of Washington\'s childhood, and there is a lab where you can watch archaeologists at work deciphering the clues left by our first president\'s family. Ferry Farm is open seven days a week at 268 Kings Highway. For more information about places to go in the area, or to know more about living in our community, contact us at Aquia Terrace today.