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Use These 5 Natural Remedies to Fight Off Spring Allergies

At our Stafford, Va apartments, we promote healthy lifestyles and clean living. Unfortunately, for some people spring allergies are simply a fact of life. Try these natural and organic healthy spring tips to fight allergies and enjoy some time outdoors this spring.

  • Drink a cup of hot tea in the afternoon. The steam will open up the nasal passages and most teas have antioxidants that help [caption id=\"attachment_399\" align=\"alignright\" width=\"213\"]\"Tea\" Source: Free Digital Photos[/caption] fight allergies.
  • An extra daily shower after spending time outdoors can also clear nasal passages with steam while rinsing pollen from your hair and body before it settles on the furniture.
  • Locally produced honey contains a minute amount of the same pollen that affects your allergies, building up your tolerance to reduce the effects of the allergens to your body.
  • Spicy foods such as horseradish, Dijon, peppers or garlic are natural decongestants that can clear a runny nose, allowing you to breathe freely instead of suffering from your allergies.
  • Eucalyptus oil is both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory so try putting a few drops in a hot bath to soak in to clear away your allergies.

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