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Use Fall Leaves Creatively in your Apartment

When the leaves on the trees begin their annual transition from summer into winter, the spectacular colors make our apartment interiors look drab and boring. The best remedy for this is to decorate using the stunningly colored leaves in our own apartments. Here are some apartment decorating tips for Autumn. [caption id=\"attachment_658\" align=\"alignright\" width=\"300\"]\"Decorate Source: Apartment Therapy[/caption] A great way to bring the outdoors inside is also one of the easiest. First, take a leaf and press it out smooth. Placing the leaf under a book overnight is an easy way to do this. Then place a leaf into a small frame with a white background. It\'s simple, easy, and the bright autumn color will surely brighten any room. Another easy thing to do is to clip a few small limbs from a tree and use them in a vase. For something more intricate, go to your local craft store and get a wicker woven wreathe base and a glue gun. Then all you need to do is glue the colorful leaves where you want and you will have a wonderful wreathe to hang on your front door. For more decorating tips, or to learn more about living in our community, contact us at Aquia Terrace.