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Understand Your Renter s Insurance Policy With These 5 Tips

\"calculator-385506_1920\" Renter\'s insurance is an important investment that will help protect your belongings, as a resident of our apartment community, in case of some unforeseen incident that may cause damage to your possessions. In order to know what your renter\'s insurance covers you should understand your policy. The following tips will inform you about the different aspects of policies.
  • Coverage of personal property will protect your belongings in case of theft or damages. This is a basic part of a policy.
  • Personal liability covers the cost of an injury that a visitor may sustain. It includes legal costs.
  • Medical coverage provides funds if someone, other than yourself and your dependents, is injured in your apartment.
  • There are some coverages that are optional and can be added to the basic renter\'s insurance policy. They include:
    • Cost of replacement allows any damaged or stolen property to be replaced according to current fair market value.
    • A Rider is used if you want to increase the amount of coverage for your possessions.
    Having a renter\'s insurance policy as a resident of our apartment community is the best way to protect your possessions. Contact our office for information about becoming a resident of our community.