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The 3 Best Ice Cream Shops in Fredericksburg

It is good to know that your Aquia Terrace apartment is not far from so many things to do this summer. One of the best experiences of the summer are the Fredericksburg ice cream shops.

[caption id=\"attachment_514\" align=\"alignright\" width=\"300\"]\"Carl\'s Source: Carl\'s via Facebook[/caption]

There is no better way to cool your body and spirit than to have a scoop, dip or heaping cone of your favorite ice cream. Here are a few of the best ice cream shops we could find:

  • Carl\'s Ice Cream offers traditional smooth and creamy ice cream and desserts.
  • Lee\'s Homemade Ice Cream Shop has many varieties of ice cream flavors.
  • Here and Abroad has desserts and ice cream. You can decide if you want to have dessert before dinner. They also have sandwiches and subs.

The good news is that you can try ice cream from all of the Fredericksburg ice cream shops. They can be found close to your residence at Aquia Terrace apartments. Contact us for more information about our apartments.