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Take a Good Room to Great With These 3 Ideas

You want to upgrade a room in your Aquia Terrace apartment, but you cannot figure out where to start. You know something is missing, but what could it be? Use the following apartment decorating tips and ideas to pinpoint what upgrades should be made and how you can get started. [caption id=\"attachment_678\" align=\"alignright\" width=\"300\"]\"Take Source: Apartment Therapy[/caption]
  • Choose The Right Rug: You want an area rug that will┬átie everything in your room together. If your room features a lot of smooth surfaces, then you want a rug with a bit of texture. If your room is colorful, you want a rug in neutral tones.
  • Decorate With Plants: Plants are a great way to give the room life, adding a splash of color and an interesting focal point. You can go with larger plants in the corner or smaller plants on the table.
  • Showcase Your Art: If you are decorating with artwork, and it still goes unnoticed, then it may be time to think big. You can turn one photo into a personal gallery or invest in bigger prints.
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