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Stay in Great Shape Using Our Community Fitness Center


When it comes to managing your everyday living in Stafford VA apartments, it\'s important to make room in your schedule for things that keep you feeling happy and healthy. Along with nutritious eating and getting enough sleep, exercising is another important aspect of staying fit and healthy.

That\'s why we provide a fitness center as one of the apartment amenities that we offer to residents in our Aquia Terrace community. Even if the weather turns unpleasant, you can still get in your workout by using our community fitness center. We hope you\'ll enjoy how easy it is to fit in your own custom spinning workout, take a quick treadmill jog, or discover the perfect exercise routine for you.

And the best part is not having to drive anywhere or pay for membership for a gym, everything you need to get and stay fit is right here in our community. Plus you won\'t have to worry about funky gym showers, because you can simply walk over and enjoy the comfort and privacy of your own home bathroom.

Looking for Stafford VA apartments that provide active amenities? Please contact us if you\'re interested in making our Aquia Terrace community your new home.