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Stay Cool and Save Money in Our Apartment With These 3 Energy Efficient Tips

Saving energy helps to save our environment and save money. During the hot days of summer it is easy to use a large amount of energy trying to cool your residence. The following tips will help you use less energy cooling Stafford apartments for rent:

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  • Keep blinds and curtains closed during the peak hours of sunlight. The heat from the sun increases the amount of energy needed to cool your apartment.
  • Change the direction of the blades on your ceiling fan so that it draws cool air up to the ceiling instead of drawing hot air down.
  • Take advantage of the cool summer breeze later in the evening. You can turn off your air conditioner, open your windows and let the breeze flow through your apartment.

The open space in our Stafford apartments for rent are ideal for allowing breezes to flow through. Tweet us with some of your energy saving tips. Contact us for more information about our Stafford apartments.