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Shop Local at the North Stafford Farmers Market

\"fruit-932745_1280\" A good meal takes more than just a talented cook.  Much of a meal comes from fresh ingredients.  Less than ten minutes from our Stafford apartments is the North Stafford Farmers Market, where you can find the ingredients you will need to cook a delicious meal.  Here are just a few vendors you\'ll find at the market.
  • Sergio\'s Produce: Sergio\'s prides itself on supplying all locally grown products to the community, including vegetables and herbs.
  • Rivah Southern: Rivah offers a variety of products that will remind you of life on the Rappahannock River.  Favorites include their meat seasoning and rubs, sweet baked goods, and even a unique lavender lemonade.
  • Lovely Sweets & Treats: Your meal is not complete with a sweet dessert, and Lovely has you covered.  They offer cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and more, all of which can be specially made gluten free, nut free, or sugar free.
  • G. Flores Produce: G Flores Produce has a lot to offer in local products, including fruits, vegetables, and herbs on the edible side, as well as flower, and container plants on the gardening side.
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