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Make the Most of Your Apartment s Space With These 5 Tips

Some of the best apartment design ideas use space to better organize your life. There are nifty tricks and tips that work in every room. They make better use of the area, improving the look and feel of a home. Try a few in your apartment, and arrange your household items where they are easily accessible. [caption id=\"attachment_581\" align=\"alignright\" width=\"300\"]\"Arranging Source: Boomgaarden Architects via[/caption] -The space above bookshelves and kitchen cabinets is good for placing baskets, bins, and vases. They stay put and are safe. -A smart choice for apartments is multi-purpose furniture. Tables, stools and other pieces that have storage work very well. -Store items against the walls. Shelves can be used for books, artwork, decor, and more. You can also hang items with the proper tools. -Look at your appliances and see how much space they take up. Consider getting smaller ones to reduce bulk. -The inside of doors are good for storing shoes, cleaning supplies, office supplies, and more. With hooks or pockets, they are great for apartments. These ideas will help organize the home and add to the design for a neat, fresh look. For more information on Aquia Terrace, contact us online. We have a Facebook page as well.