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Keep Your Fridge Organized With These 3 Tips

\"refrigerator-1619676_640\" Nothing is worse than thinking you have a head of lettuce in your refrigerator crisper drawer only to discover it\'s nothing more than green slime because it\'s so old. These easy apartment organization ideas which focus on getting and keeping your fridge in shape can keep that from ever happening again.
  • Begin by removing everything from the fridge, wiping down the shelves, checking all expiration dates and then replacing only the items you know you\'re going to eat. There is no sense in keeping foodstuffs you don\'t like and won\'t ever consume.
  • Save room by removing things which don\'t really need to be kept cold. Store certain condiments including ketchup, mustard and vinegar in a dark cool cupboard.
  • Pick up square plastic bins at the container store and designate them for certain types of foods. For example, one for sandwich fixings, one for breakfast foods and one for snacks.
  • Place those items that need to be kept the coldest near the back of the fridge and/or on the shelves closest to the freezer.
  • Use shallow dishwasher safe plastic tubs for storing raw protein to avoid cross contamination.
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