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Keep Your Energy Bill Low This Winter With These 4 Tips

Thanksgiving is over and the first day of winter is just around the corner. As the temperature outside starts to dip, keep these energy saving tips in mind:

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  • Your budget will benefit from lowering the temperature in your apartment during times when you are not home. If you work during the day, set the thermostat a couple of degrees lower to reduce the strain on the furnace and your wallet.
  • Shut the doors of unoccupied rooms to keep the heat trapped in the rooms that you are using.
  • Humid air feels warmer than dry air, so using a humidifier allows you to set the thermostat down a couple of degrees without sacrificing comfort.
  • Use solar heat to your advantage by opening curtains and blinds during the day. The sunlight will help warm the space, allowing your furnace to take a break.

There are numerous ways to save energy in our luxury apartments, and these apartment living tips are just another way that we try to make life easier and more convenient for our residents. If you\'d like to live in a supportive community, surrounded by the finest amenities, contact us today for more information and to schedule a tour.