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Keep Your Closet Organized Here at Your Stafford Luxury Apt

\"linen-542866_1280\" Closets are an important feature in your apartment. Give them an organizational overhaul with these tips.
  • Create a functional space: Divide the shelves and storage units by use. For instance, designate one shelf for workout gear and another for winter hats. If you need more shelves, add a freestanding shelving unit for additional space.
  • Borrow ideas: Flip through magazines, or search online to find closet designs you like. Incorporate a variety of ideas, until you have a design that works for you. For instance, you can incorporate a pantry cabinet idea by adding shallow pullout shelves in your closet.
  • Make ironing a breeze: Hide a wall-mounted ironing board inside of a recessed cabinet. This way, you won\'t need to drag out a bulky board every time you need to iron.
  • Streamline kids\' closets: Store all of your kids\' seasonal items into stackable containers, and put them on the shelf. In addition, you can add a shoe rack to free up floor space.
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