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Keep the Spring Pollen Off of Your Car With These 5 Tips

Spring will be blooming soon. You are probably ready to get outside of your Aquia Terrace apartment and play, but are not looking forward to the pollen created during this time of the year.

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It can create a challenge when you are trying to keep your car clean. These healthy spring living tips will help you avoid pollen on your car:

  • Wash your car at least once a week. Dirt and pollen can quickly build up on your car. Washing it regularly will remove all foreign particles.
  • Waxing your car will help prevent pollen build up. Waxing provides a protective layer that helps to prevent large amounts of pollen from attaching itself to your car.
  • Avoid parking your car under trees or near bushes. These areas are places where pollen is created and it will find and attach itself to your car.
  • Clean or change your cabin air filter. This is a place where pollen will accumulate. Be sure to have it maintained to provide clean, fresh air inside your car.

These healthy spring living tips will help to prevent pollen build up on your vehicle. Contact us to find out about our Aquia Terrace apartments.