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Ideas for Your Halloween Costume on a Budget

Few nights of the year are more exciting than Trick-or-Treat night for energetic youngsters who are always eager to stock up their candy supply. Young residents of Aquia Terrace apartments looking to prepare a DIY outfit this October can consider the following ideas on Halloween costumes on a budget in preparation for this important upcoming Fall festivity: [caption id=\"attachment_611\" align=\"alignright\" width=\"300\"]\"DIY Source:[/caption]
  • Spaghetti and meatballs- This is a cute and easy costume for kids that only requires a tablecloth, a bit of yarn, and some Styrofoam balls colored to look like meatballs.
  • Pig in a blanket- Create this costume using two sheets of pink foam, a blanket, a pink headband, and glitter glue.
  • A snowball- Get ready for winter with this cute costume. Find a large blue sweatshirt and use string and styrofoam balls to get your little one dressed up as a smiling snowball.
If you have some great Trick-or-Treat night ideas that you\'d like to share with your neighbors, feel free to contribute a post to our Aquia Terrace community Facebook page. Contact us online if you\'d like to send us some questions or inquiries regarding our apartment homes in Stafford.