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How to Use Patterns in Your Apartment Decor

\"substances-43315_640\" You probably try to make your apartment look as good as you can, and if you’re like many people, you want your space to represent what you like. However, mixing and matching all the different patterns that you love in an apartment isn’t always an easy task. There are some tips that can help you do it though. Use this guide to blend patterns in your apartment – even a single space – with ease.
  • Pick patterns that contain at least one of the same colors if you want to blend them. That way they’ll at least feel a little bit more harmonious in your space.
  • Keep patterns from being right on top of each other. Even just separating them across the room can be much easier.
  • Put a rug down! Rugs are easy to work with, make your space more comfortable and introduce any pattern to your space with ease.
  • Try putting patterns up on the walls. Sometimes the best thing you can do to make your space more interesting is to use art with geometric patterns. You’ll create a lot more visual interest the room too.
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