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How to Design Your Apartment With Your Roommates

\"550312cbba397624\" Everybody has their own design styles, which makes agreeing on how to design your apartment challenging when you have a roommate.  Here are some tips to help you design a Stafford apartment that both you and your roommate will like.
  • Talk about it: Before the two of you move in, discuss what each of you will bring to the common areas.  If you both have a coffee table, determine who has the better coffee table.  The same thing goes for sofas and televisions.
  • Compromise: It\'s unlikely that you will agree with every design choice for the apartment, but if you are willing to compromise on allowing a piece that your roommate likes, your roommate will likely do the same for you.
  • Breadbox rule: This rule simply states that if you find an item that you want for the apartment that is bigger than a breadbox, you should first discuss it with your roommate.  The last thing you want to do is bring home a large piece that your roommate doesn\'t want in the space.
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