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How to Create a Beautiful Table Setting on a Budget

When you have a special dinner party planned, most of the budget goes into the food and drinks. After all that cooking, you might find yourself scrambling to make a table setting! Fret no longer - here are a ideas to create a beautiful dinner table for your next party: [caption id=\"attachment_696\" align=\"alignright\" width=\"300\"]\"How Source:[/caption]
  • When it comes to budgeting your apartment decorating ideas, the best way to start is with what you have. Casual items such as burlap and mason jars have become trendy for dinner parties and weddings. Burlap is seriously cheap and can be purchased at any craft store, then cut into long strips for a darling table runner. Add some paint to old pasta jars for a centerpiece!
  • If you\'re working with a budget of zero, turn to nature for your decorating inspiration. Flowers and pine cones make for great centerpieces without a price tag!
  • When you have some time on your hands, browse the neighborhood! You never know what you\'ll find at a garage sale or thrift shop. A rusty, multicolored box that sells for a dollar could be a cool way to display flowers as a centerpiece. Get creative!
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