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Head to The Griffin Bookshop Coffee Bar in Fredricksburg

\"books-1099067_1920\" As eBooks and online bookstores continue to gain popularity, bookstores are getting harder and harder to find. Regardless of the convenience and low cost of electronic media and online shopping, nothing will ever replace the experience of browsing shelves of books. If you\'re looking for a real life bookstore near Stafford, VA, check out The Griffin Bookshop and Coffee Bar in Fredericksburg. The atmosphere is what you\'d expect to find in an indie bookstore. The floors are hardwood, the lighting is soft and there are plenty of comfy chairs and sofas, some of which give readers a view of Caroline Street. Various book clubs, civic groups and writers guilds meet at the shop, and each Friday night there\'s open-mic poetry. Besides classic and modern books, The Griffin also carries a vast selection of cards and various small gifts. The coffee bar offers coffee, latte, tea, chocolate and various pastries. When weather permits, you can take your drink outside to the patio. Read our blog for information about cultural and entertainment events in the Stafford, VA area. If it\'s a great Stafford apartment you need, contact us to find out about how great life is at Aquia Terrace Apartments in Stafford.