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Have a Stress Free Summer Trip With These 5 Traveling Tips

\"sunset-288531_1280\" Don’t let the stress of summer travel get you down this year. Check out these five quick tips for keeping your vacation fun and stress free!
  • Organize. The biggest secret to stress free travel is being properly prepared. Compile a list of essentials you need for your trip at least weeks before the travel date.
  • Don’t overpack. Take what you need, and avoid taking too many “what if” items. These will only bog you down, and give you more junk to juggle on your trip.
  • Consider your health. Travel can take a lot out of you, so be sure to eat right and sleep well in the weeks preceding the trip.
  • Dress for the occasion. Take clothing that is comfortable, and suits the environment of your destination. If it’s hot and humid, dress light and airy.
  • Minimize boring downtime. Be sure to bring along a good book, or download a few new apps and games. Down time is going to happen at one time or another, and being prepared for it is crucial.
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