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Learning to Meditate

person-1281607_1280 Take in the scenic views at our Stafford apartments when you practice these meditation techniques to relieve daily stress.
  • Plan time in your schedule. Mornings are best, but experiment to find out what works for you. Don't schedule more than 15 minutes, especially at the beginning.
  • Sit straight on level ground to make sure your breathing won't be impaired. If you're inside, use a cushion if the floor is uncomfortable.
  • Relax every part of your body. Consciously review each section from head to toe, focusing on areas of tension.
  • Focus on your breathing in an impartial way, using it to empty your mind of distractions. It may help to center yourself by repeating a word or visualizing yourself in a peaceful place.
  • Once you've eliminated the extraneous 'noise' in your head, aim for a totally clear, silent mind. This may take a while to achieve, but it's the ultimate goal of meditation.
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