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Go Green in Your Stafford Apartment Using These 3 Tips

Taking care of the environment is important to the future of everyone. You can help by making your Stafford VA apartments a green oasis. The following tips will give you some simple and easy-to-do ideas for going Green in your apartment:

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  • Conserve water. There are a number of things you can do to conserve water. Remembering to turn off running water while you brush your teeth is often overlooked, but can save the environment and your water bill.
  • Conserve electricity. You may leave your phone chargers, televisions and microwaves plugged in even when you are not using them. You can save on your electricity bill and help conserve electricity for future generations by unplugging all appliances and electronics that are not in use.
  • Conserve gas. Heat can escape your apartment from the most unlikely places. Windows provide an open escape route for heat. Cover windows with thick drapes to help keep heat right where it is needed--in your apartment.

These suggestions will help you to begin the practice of going Green as a resident in our Stafford VA apartments. Contact us for more information about becoming a resident of Aquia Terrace Apartments.