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Give Your Furniture a Facelift With These 4 Ideas

\"love-seat-1090458_1920 When times are tight we have to make do with what we have. The same can be said for living a greener lifestyle; stop excess consumption and make do with your current resources. Instead of throwing your furniture out and buying new stuff, here are some decorating tips that utilize the furniture you already have.
  • So your new flat screen television doesn\'t fit in your old armoire? Add some new shelves and paint it a bright color and it is the perfect place to store your linens.
  • Reupholster that beloved chair instead of buying a new one. There are tons of fabrics you can choose from that will make that vintage settee youthful and vibrant again.
  • Take an old and scuffed sideboard and paint it a bright shiny new color; better yet, get fancy and use a stenciled pattern and make it a showpiece!
  • Paint really does make a difference with older conservative wooden chairs. Break out the bright yellows, purples, and reds for your dining room chairs. They will look unique and funky.
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