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Get Your Apartment Cleaned Quickly With These 5 Tips

Here at Aquia Terrace Apartments, we love apartment living! Keeping your apartment, company-ready can mean constant cleaning. Cut out cleaning time with our apartment living tips. [caption id=\"attachment_496\" align=\"alignright\" width=\"300\"]\"Living Source: Aquia Terrace[/caption] We\'ve teamed up with the experts at About Home to help you get the apartment clean in just 30 minutes:
  • Create a cleaning arsenal. Be sure you have trash bags, dish soap, sponges, window cleaner, foaming bath cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, paper towels and a vacuum on hand.
  • Give the bathroom a good scrub. Remove clutter from tub ledges, sinks and counter. Use glass cleaner on mirrors and chrome fixtures. Spray a foam cleaner into the tub and sink. Scrub the toilet.
  • In the bedroom, give it a good once over picking up clutter and laundry. Making the bed keeps it looking fresh.
  • Tackle any dishes in the kitchen. Give the counters a good wiping with all-purpose cleaner. Remove clutter and wipe down the table.
  • Pick up living room clutter. Dust the bookshelves, entertainment center and coffee table.
  • Sweep, mop and vacuum floor throughout the apartment.
  • Revisit the bathroom, wiping up the foam cleaner and straightening toiletries.
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