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Get Ready to Go Back to School With These 5 Shopping Tips

With the month of August rolling in, it is time to start planning for a new season. For many, that means heading back to school. Getting organized with supplies, paperwork, and schedules is important. To make life easier, a few back to school shopping tips can help you get the things you need. [caption id=\"attachment_578\" align=\"alignright\" width=\"300\"]\"Back Source:[/caption]
  • Get the essentials
Just get the items on the school list. Anything extra could be a waste of money and supplies.
  • Look at home
Rummage through your own office supplies for items you already have. This saves time and is more economical.
  • Shop summer sales
Look at clothes that can still be worn into fall. There will be great sales going on in August.
  • Use craigslist
This is a great site to buy and sell school items. You can get good deals and make a few dollars too.
  • Organize lunch
Look through coupons for food items and get the ones on sale. Plan lunches ahead of time to save money. These tips will help you get the supplies your kids need for back to school. For more information on Aquia Terrace, contact us online. You can visit our Facebook page as well.