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Enjoy Some Outdoor Recreation at Aquia Landing Park

After being cooped up indoors all Winter, most of us have Spring Fever in a bad way. The cure is to head outdoors, and Aquia Landing Park is a beautiful place to visit. [caption id=\"attachment_779\" align=\"alignright\" width=\"300\"]\"Enjoy Source:[/caption] Aquia Landing Park is a popular public beach here in Stafford County that is not only a beautiful place to watch the sunset on the water, it is also a place of great historical significance. Before and during the Civil War, this was a stop on the Underground Railroad, where slaves would emancipate themselves and escape from their masters. This was also the first site to see naval fire during the Civil War. Along with the historical value of the location, this is a beautiful place to go hiking, fishing, and to have a picnic. The park is open from eight in the morning until dusk every day, and is located off of exit 140 on I-95. To find out more about things to do in Stafford VA, or to get information about living in our community, contact us today at Aquia Terrace Apartments.