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Enjoy a Day of Fun at the Hartwood Winery

With Spring approaching, we are all looking for reasons to enjoy the outdoors. There are many things to do, but we feel like they have all been done. Enjoy a day of fun at the Hartwood Winery, and experience something out of the ordinary. [caption id=\"attachment_766\" align=\"alignright\" width=\"300\"]\"Enjoy Source: Hartwood Winery[/caption] Hartwood Winery is a locally owned winery that makes a wide variety of different wines. They make some absolutely delicious white wines like Chardonnay, as well as red wines, with the star of the show being their Merlot. They have some really unique wines as well that you do not see very often. The Tannat is normally used as a blending grape, but they bottled it, and the results are excellent, with  hints of raspberry, and notes of bitter chocolate. The winery is pet friendly, and they encourage you to pack a picnic basket and enjoy the beautiful farm, and of course, the wine. They are located at 345 Hartwood Road in Fredericksburg, and are open Wednesday through Sunday. To discover things to do in Stafford VA, or to find out more about living in our community, contact us today at Aquia Terrace Apartments.