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Celebrate Young Readers Day at a Stafford Library

[caption id=\"attachment_273\" align=\"alignright\" width=\"360\"]\"There There are plenty of great fall events going on at the The Central Rappahannock Regional Library. Source: MorgueFile[/caption] Young Reader’s Day is coming up on Nov. 12. What better way to celebrate than to visit a Stafford Library, like the The Central Rappahannock Regional Library, near our apartment community? Here are three great books your teen is sure to enjoy.
  • \"The Last Dragonslayer\" by Jasper Fforde: Jennifer Strange finds out that she is the last dragonslayer. The business she helps run isn’t doing well financially. When she\'s told she must slay the last dragon, she finds herself wrestling with the decision. She doesn’t want to kill, but the business needs the recognition and the money.
  • \"The Ramsay Scallop\" by Frances Temple: Elenor, a 14-year-old girl, is scheduled to marry Lord Thomas. Elenor doesn’t want to get married because she thinks it will ruin her chance to have a life filled with adventure.
  • \"Deadly Pink\" by Vivian Vande Velde: Grace Pizzeli finds herself rudely awakened during trigonometry class. Her sister Emily has lost her mind -- to a video game that could kill her.
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