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Celebrate the Birthday of Our First President in Alexandria

February is 16th is Presidents Day. This special day is held on George Washington\'s birthday every year to celebrate not only our first president, but every president we\'ve had throughout the history of our nation. [caption id=\"attachment_743\" align=\"alignright\" width=\"300\"]\"Celebrate Source: Wikimedia[/caption] There are plenty of things to do in Alexandria VA for residents of Aquia Terrace who are looking to celebrate Presidents Day. The following are a few exciting activities taking place near Aquia Terrace this February:
  • The George Washington Birthday Parade: A parade will take place in the Old Town neighborhood of Alexandria to celebrate Presidents Day. The parade will run from 1 p.m. until 3 p.m. on February 16th.
  • Revolutionary War Reenactment- A reenactment of a Revolutionary War skirmish will be held at Fort Ward Park on February 15th between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.
  • Walking with Washington- This special event will be held every Sunday in February. The Walking with Washington event is free and includes tours Washington and Alexandria landmarks that were prominent in Washington\'s life.
Do you have suggestions on ways to celebrate Presidents Day in the Stafford area? Share them on our Facebook page. Contact us with questions if you\'d like to learn more about Aquia Terrace.