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Adopt a Loving Cat or Dog from a Stafford Animal Shelter

[caption id=\"attachment_116\" align=\"alignleft\" width=\"360\"]\"The The Stafford County SPCA, Dancing Bear Rescue, and The Pet Assistance League are great resources for anyone looking to adopt a pet.[/caption]

Are you looking for a furry companion to share your home at our pet-friendly zdtafford apartments? Consider adopting a homeless pet from one of the nearby Stafford animal shelters.

  • Stafford County SPCA is a non-profit facility that has a selection of adorable cats just waiting for someone to love. Browse their online gallery to find your favorite, and then submit a completed adoption application.
  • Pets available through Dancing Bear Rescue have all been cared for in foster homes, ensuring that they’ve been fully socialized. The organization also performs extensive evaluations to determine if they have any types of aggressions that would make them unsuitable for adoption.
  • The Pet Assistance League matches displaced animals with a “forever home”. If circumstances keep you from being able to adopt, you can still provide food and care through one of their sponsorships.

Have you adopted a pet from one of the Stafford animal shelters? Share your experience in the comments!

Photo via Facebook.