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5 Interesting Uses of Aluminum Foil

\"aluminum-foil-647228_640\" There are plenty of household objects that can see life outside of their usual purpose. Aluminum foil, for example, can be utilized in a number of handy ways. Here are some apartment living ideas that are sure to put your aluminum foil to good use. Use aluminum foil to line your drawers. They are extremely easy to clean, and the reflecting light can help you see better in the farther corners of the drawer. Protect your pie. Next time you\'re baking a pie, wrap the crust edges in foil. This will keep them from burning and keep your pie tasting fresh. Scrub your flatware. Your plates can be scrubbed clean with aluminum foil. Roll a bit of foil into a ball and get to scrubbing. Put some aluminum foil under the cover of your ironing board. It will speed up the process due to its ability to transfer heat. Aluminum foil can also be used on the fly. If you have need of a funnel, but only have aluminum foil on hand, you can fashion the foil into a bendable, working funnel. If you would like to learn more about our luxury apartment community, please contact us at Aquia Terrace.