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4 Clues That the Oversized Closet in Your Stafford Apartment Needs to Be Organized

Closets can sometimes become a disaster area. You may tend to throw more things into your oversized closets in Stafford apartments to put them out of view quickly with the intent of retrieving them and putting them in their proper place later. You can determine if your closet needs to be organized with the following clues: [caption id=\"attachment_464\" align=\"alignright\" width=\"300\"]\"Organizing Source:[/caption]
  • Your closets may need an upgrade if things are unorganized. Install shelves to store flat shoes and boots neatly. You can also use small baskets to store socks, stockings and ties.
  • Placing your purses and bags on a shelf or on the floor of the closet can cause clutter. Install hooks along the walls of your closet. Your purses and bags can hang independently making it easier for you to quickly grab what you need.
  • Extra clothes or other items may cause clutter in your closet. Evaluate each item stored in your closet. If you haven\'t worn or used something within six months to a year you may no longer need it.
  • A poorly designed closet will look cluttered. Purchase a closet system that fits well in the space you have.
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