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3 Storage Solutions for Your Apartment Bedroom

\"treasure-1238318_640\" Between clothes, shoes, books, accessories and other items, a bedroom can get pretty cluttered. If storage is an issue in your sleeping quarters, try using these no-nonsense storage tips.
  • Bedside Table With a Shelf: A nightstand with a built-in shelf gives you a place to store books and magazines. You can also round up all of your small items and store them in the nightstand\'s drawer.
  • Storage Headboard: If you\'re in the mood for a new headboard, get one with a built-in storage feature. When you have a few extra blankets and sweaters you need to store, just open the storage compartment on the headboard and tuck them away.
  • Narrow Table: If a headboard is too bulky for your taste, a narrow table beside the bed will give you a place to showcase lamps, knickknacks, floral arrangements and books.
Even with the spacious floor plan of your three bedroom Stafford apartment, clutter can become a problem. How do you maximize storage and keep your boudoir a clutter-free zone? Share your tips with us in the comments below or on our Facebook page!