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3 Spots to See NFL Football in Stafford

Whether you\'re rooting for the Redskins, Ravens, or another team, the start of fall means the NFL is back. Instead of watching the games in your Stafford apartment, here are 3 spots to see NFL football in Stafford. [caption id=\"attachment_662\" align=\"alignright\" width=\"300\"]\"Spots Source: Mick\'s Restaurant and Sports Lounge via Facebook[/caption]
  • Mick\'s Restaurant & Sports Lounge: For many people, this is the go-to place to watch NFL, as Mick\'s has over 20 flat-screen TV\'s and NFL Sunday Ticket.  It has a classy look inside, as well, with exposed brick and a fireplace.
  • Mainstreet Grill & Bar: There\'s nothing over the top about this sports bar, but Mainstreet is a solid option to watch the game.  The wall behind the bar is lined with TV\'s, so you\'ll have your option of which game to watch.  The wings are a crowd favorite.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings: You can never go wrong watching the games at Buffalo Wild Wings, since they have TV\'s every direction you look.  Grab some wings and choose from 22 different sauces, from a mild sweet BBQ, all the way to Blazin\'.
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