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3 Budget Friendly Traveling Tips for a Spring Vacation

The best part of springtime is feeling the days get warmer and warmer as the weeks go by.  If you\'re thinking of celebrating this special season with a vacation, you\'re not alone - a lot of people do exactly that.  But how do you make sure your vacation stays under budget?  Here are three budget friendly traveling tips to help put your mind at ease: [caption id=\"attachment_772\" align=\"alignright\" width=\"300\"]\"3 Source: Wikimedia[/caption]
  • First, experiment with different travel dates: some days are cheaper to fly than others.  Try different combinations of dates when looking for tickets and see what works best.
  • Second, look into regional airports.  Search for other airports in the area when booking your flight.  You may end up saving a lot of money even if you need an extra layover.
  • Finally, be sure to pack light.  Most airlines charge for checked baggage, so only bring what you need, wear your jacket on the plane and use your carry-on for extra space.
With these budget friendly traveling tips you should have no problem enjoying your spring vacation guilt-free! You will love living at Aquia Terrace Apartments in Stafford.  If you\'d like more information, contact us today.