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2 Reasons You ll Love the Self Cleaning Oven at Your Stafford Apt

[caption id=\"attachment_283\" align=\"alignright\" width=\"330\"]\"The The self-cleaning oven is just one of the many perks you\'ve got in the kitchens of your Stafford luxury apartment.[/caption] Having a self-cleaning oven in your apartment means you don\'t have to use toxic chemicals and back-breaking scrubbing motions to get them sparkling clean. In addition, this type of oven is energy efficient. Once you crank your self-cleaning oven up, it gets to work. The heat dries the debris and grease to make it easy to remove. When the oven\'s done cleaning itself, all you have to do is simply sweep the ashes away with a hand broom, and use a damp towel to wipe it down. While the oven is cleaning, you\'re free to do other things around the apartment. Self-cleaning ovens are insulated better than traditional ovens, so they require less energy for cooking. In the long run, this could add up to extra savings on your utility bill. Make use of residual heat and save even more energy by cooking a meal right after the oven is finished cleaning. Your Stafford apartment with a self-cleaning oven is a time and energy-saving amenity you\'ll definitely appreciate. Let us know what your favorite amenity is in the comments below or on our Facebook page!