May 17

Utilize These 5 Design Ideas to Arrange Furniture in Your Living Room


    Get the living room in your Aquia Terrace apartment looking great this summer with some simple apartment decorating ideas that you can implement quickly and conveniently. Consider these five ideas

    • Take advantage of the optical effects of mirrors- Placing mirrors around your room can create an illusion of extended space.
    • Sneak in some storage- If you put some research into it, you can find many sneaky ways to store items in your home. Consider multi-purpose furniture with built-in storage or a credenza with storage compartments in place of a console table.
    • Opt for smaller furniture pieces- If you need to optimize space in your living room, consider smaller furniture pieces that will allow for more open areas.
    • Fill in a corner with a sectional- A sectional is a comfy furniture piece that can make efficient use of space when fit snuggly into a corner.
    • Get a backless sofa- A sofa without a back is something of an unconventional furniture piece, but you might want to consider it if you want to give your living room a modern and unique look.

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    May 17

    How to Use Patterns in Your Apartment Decor


      You probably try to make your apartment look as good as you can, and if you’re like many people, you want your space to represent what you like. However, mixing and matching all the different patterns that you love in an apartment isn’t always an easy task. There are some tips that can help you do it though. Use this guide to blend patterns in your apartment – even a single space – with ease.

      • Pick patterns that contain at least one of the same colors if you want to blend them. That way they’ll at least feel a little bit more harmonious in your space.
      • Keep patterns from being right on top of each other. Even just separating them across the room can be much easier.
      • Put a rug down! Rugs are easy to work with, make your space more comfortable and introduce any pattern to your space with ease.
      • Try putting patterns up on the walls. Sometimes the best thing you can do to make your space more interesting is to use art with geometric patterns. You’ll create a lot more visual interest the room too.

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      Mar 17

      Design the Living Room In Your Apartment on a Budget With These 5 Tips


        Your living room is one of the most used rooms in your Aquia Terrace apartment. You relax and entertain in the living room. It is the first room that your visitors encounter. Keeping your living room fresh and updated could put a dent in your budget. Use the following apartment money saving tips when you are ready for a change:

        • Simply rearranging your furniture will create a new look in your living room. It’s easy and very economical.
        • Use books as a space filler and a surprising way to add color.
        • Try a new color. Paint your entire living room or add color to one wall. It will serve as the accent wall.
        • Add plants to the room. They provide pops of color and create fresh, clean air.
        • Inventory your closets and see what you have stored away. There may be some valuable items hidden away that will add a little more personality to your living space.

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        Feb 17

        Get Out of Your Home Quicker With These 5 Ideas


          Do you find that you’re chronically running a few minutes late in the morning? Perhaps you need to change up your evening routine to help you prepare for the next day. Use the following tips to prepare for work the night before so that you get out of your Aquia Terrace apartment more quickly in the morning:

          • Get your outfit ready in advance- This tips will ensure not only that you get ready quickly, but also that you look your best once you reach the office.
          • Check the forecast- If you know what the weather’s supposed to be like, you want have to backtrack to get your umbrella or an overcoat.
          • Program your coffee maker- If you drink coffee in the morning, you can wake up to a warm pot if you set your timer.
          • Get you lunch ready the night before- Prepare your lunch the night before and store it in the fridge overnight.
          • Pack away clutter- If you’re house is cluttered, you’ll have trouble finding your office supplies when you’re rushing out in the morning.

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          Feb 17

          5 Tips for Keeping Your Wardrobe Organized

            shirt-1902601_640 (1)

            An organized wardrobe at your Aquia Terrace apartment will help you get dressed and ready for work as quickly as possible in the morning. The following are a few Stafford VA apartment living tips on keeping your wardrobe in order:

            1. Do some editing- Have a look around and see if there are some things that you can get rid of to make your job easier and cut back on clutter.
            2. Keep things visible- Display everything you’ve got in plain sight so you can grab what you need ASAP when you need it.
            3. Develop a system- You might want to create some sort of closet-rod organizational system so that you’ll know what goes where.
            4. Take care of your best garments- By taking care of your best garments, you’ll avoid having to re-iron or having to replace expensive clothing because they get worn out quickly.
            5. Use over-the-door hooks for your next outfit- You can get things ready for the next day by handing them separately on an over-the-door hook.

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            Feb 17

            How to Design Your Apartment With Your Roommates


              Everybody has their own design styles, which makes agreeing on how to design your apartment challenging when you have a roommate.  Here are some tips to help you design a Stafford apartment that both you and your roommate will like.

              • Talk about it: Before the two of you move in, discuss what each of you will bring to the common areas.  If you both have a coffee table, determine who has the better coffee table.  The same thing goes for sofas and televisions.
              • Compromise: It’s unlikely that you will agree with every design choice for the apartment, but if you are willing to compromise on allowing a piece that your roommate likes, your roommate will likely do the same for you.
              • Breadbox rule: This rule simply states that if you find an item that you want for the apartment that is bigger than a breadbox, you should first discuss it with your roommate.  The last thing you want to do is bring home a large piece that your roommate doesn’t want in the space.

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              Jan 17

              3 Weekend Habits That Will Prepare You For Monday


                Get off to a good start on Monday morning and you’ll breeze through the rest of the week. The following are three great Stafford apartment living tips that you can use to prepare for the busy workweek at your Aquia Terrace apartment.

                1. Get up on time- If you find getting up when that alarm goes off to be one of the most difficult tasks of the day, you’re not alone. Although getting up in the early hours of the morning isn’t easy, it will set you well on your way to tackling your work days one by one.
                2. Set a routine- Creating a productive and enjoyable routine will help you maintain the productivity needed to keep up with the demands of your professional and personal lives.
                3. Take the time to relax- You should really start getting ready for the week on the weekends. Especially on Sunday, you should rest your mind and body by doing relaxing things that you enjoy.

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                Jan 17

                3 Domestic Skills That Will Help You Save Money


                  Life at Aquia Terrace Apartments is great but if you are looking for some simply money saving tips, look no further than your old home-ec class. Read on to discover three domestic skills that can help you save money right now!

                  Cooking- It does not take much time at all to see how cooking at home can save you money. It will cost less each week to make your own foods in most cases than it would be to eat out every day. It is also much healthier to cook your own foods too!

                  Painting- If you are just painting the walls and there is not a lot of intricate work- or even if there is and you are feeling brave- consider doing it yourself rather than paying big bucks to have a professional come in and do it for you.

                  Gardening- Growing your own food takes time, work, and patience, but free food is a big perk and it can also help you eat healthier and save money by giving you part of your menu upfront and making you work with what you have.

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                  Jan 17

                  5 Fun Things You Can Do While Relaxing at Home


                    Sometimes spending an evening relaxing at home in your Aquia Terrace apartment is the perfect thing to do. Try these five engaging activities and have fun enjoying time at home.

                    Create something new with crafts. You can use items that you find around the house or get supplies at the craft store. The internet is filled with craft instructions for things like creating origami to crafting butter sculptures.

                    Spend an evening putting together a puzzle. Jigsaw puzzles activate you mind and improve cognitive function. Complex puzzles can provide hours of entertainment.

                    Cook something new. You can browse cookbooks for inspiration or use random items in the fridge to create a surprise. It’s a lot of fun to play in the kitchen plus you’ll have something scrumptious to eat afterwards.

                    Have a game night. Invite a few friends over for a fun board game. There are also games you can play solo like solitaire.

                    Build a fort in the living room with pillows and blankets. Break out those childhood tendencies and build the best fort ever. Then you can cuddle up inside with a good book or a movie.

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                    Dec 16

                    Stay in Great Shape Using Our Community Fitness Center


                      When it comes to managing your everyday living in Stafford VA apartments, it’s important to make room in your schedule for things that keep you feeling happy and healthy. Along with nutritious eating and getting enough sleep, exercising is another important aspect of staying fit and healthy.

                      That’s why we provide a fitness center as one of the apartment amenities that we offer to residents in our Aquia Terrace community. Even if the weather turns unpleasant, you can still get in your workout by using our community fitness center. We hope you’ll enjoy how easy it is to fit in your own custom spinning workout, take a quick treadmill jog, or discover the perfect exercise routine for you.

                      And the best part is not having to drive anywhere or pay for membership for a gym, everything you need to get and stay fit is right here in our community. Plus you won’t have to worry about funky gym showers, because you can simply walk over and enjoy the comfort and privacy of your own home bathroom.

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