Sep 17

3 Storage Solutions for Your Apartment Bedroom


    Between clothes, shoes, books, accessories and other items, a bedroom can get pretty cluttered. If storage is an issue in your sleeping quarters, try using these no-nonsense storage tips.

    • Bedside Table With a Shelf: A nightstand with a built-in shelf gives you a place to store books and magazines. You can also round up all of your small items and store them in the nightstand’s drawer.
    • Storage Headboard: If you’re in the mood for a new headboard, get one with a built-in storage feature. When you have a few extra blankets and sweaters you need to store, just open the storage compartment on the headboard and tuck them away.
    • Narrow Table: If a headboard is too bulky for your taste, a narrow table beside the bed will give you a place to showcase lamps, knickknacks, floral arrangements and books.

    Even with the spacious floor plan of your three bedroom Stafford apartment, clutter can become a problem. How do you maximize storage and keep your boudoir a clutter-free zone? Share your tips with us in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

    Sep 17

    3 Weekend Habits That Will Prepare You For Monday


      Get off to a good start on Monday morning and you’ll breeze through the rest of the week. The following are three great Stafford apartment living tips that you can use to prepare for the busy workweek at your Aquia Terrace apartment.

      1. Get up on time- If you find getting up when that alarm goes off to be one of the most difficult tasks of the day, you’re not alone. Although getting up in the early hours of the morning isn’t easy, it will set you well on your way to tackling your work days one by one.
      2. Set a routine- Creating a productive and enjoyable routine will help you maintain the productivity needed to keep up with the demands of your professional and personal lives.
      3. Take the time to relax- You should really start getting ready for the week on the weekends. Especially on Sunday, you should rest your mind and body by doing relaxing things that you enjoy.

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      Sep 17

      Learning to Meditate


        Take in the scenic views at our Stafford apartments when you practice these meditation techniques to relieve daily stress.

        • Plan time in your schedule. Mornings are best, but experiment to find out what works for you. Don’t schedule more than 15 minutes, especially at the beginning.
        • Sit straight on level ground to make sure your breathing won’t be impaired. If you’re inside, use a cushion if the floor is uncomfortable.
        • Relax every part of your body. Consciously review each section from head to toe, focusing on areas of tension.
        • Focus on your breathing in an impartial way, using it to empty your mind of distractions. It may help to center yourself by repeating a word or visualizing yourself in a peaceful place.
        • Once you’ve eliminated the extraneous ‘noise’ in your head, aim for a totally clear, silent mind. This may take a while to achieve, but it’s the ultimate goal of meditation.

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        Sep 17

        Shop Local at the North Stafford Farmers Market


          A good meal takes more than just a talented cook.  Much of a meal comes from fresh ingredients.  Less than ten minutes from our Stafford apartments is the North Stafford Farmers Market, where you can find the ingredients you will need to cook a delicious meal.  Here are just a few vendors you’ll find at the market.

          • Sergio’s Produce: Sergio’s prides itself on supplying all locally grown products to the community, including vegetables and herbs.
          • Rivah Southern: Rivah offers a variety of products that will remind you of life on the Rappahannock River.  Favorites include their meat seasoning and rubs, sweet baked goods, and even a unique lavender lemonade.
          • Lovely Sweets & Treats: Your meal is not complete with a sweet dessert, and Lovely has you covered.  They offer cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and more, all of which can be specially made gluten free, nut free, or sugar free.
          • G. Flores Produce: G Flores Produce has a lot to offer in local products, including fruits, vegetables, and herbs on the edible side, as well as flower, and container plants on the gardening side.

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          Sep 17

          Tips for Furnishing Your New Place


            Decorating can be an invigorating experience. When you move into a new community, you’re going to want to put your own spin on your space. A great way to do that is by getting some new furniture. Here are a few apartment living tips on how you can buy furniture for your apartment.

            Find a scheme that works for you. It can be difficult to start decorating from scratch. To make this easier, find a color that pleases your eye. Planning your decor around a particular color scheme is a wonderful place to begin.

            Once you’ve decided on your color, think hard about your style. Are you a rustic person? Country home? Modern? Post modern? Take a look at what inspires you in magazines or on the internet, then begin connecting the dots.

            When you are out shopping for furniture, keep your color and style in mind. If you can find an object or two that embodies what you’re going for, purchase them!

            When it comes to furniture like couches or chairs, reliability goes a long way. Find furniture that not only looks good, but that will last.

            Go the extra mile to insure your furniture. Take necessary precautions, and make sure you get pieces reupholstered if they look like they have already seen enough wear and tear. This will pay off in the long run.

            If you would like more apartment living tips for our luxury apartments in Atlanta, please contact us at Aquia Terrace.

            Sep 17

            How to Eat Healthy on a Tight Budget


              One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to develop healthy eating habits, but it can seem like a daunting challenge if you’re on a budget.  Fortunately, it’s not impossible – it just takes a little bit of thought.  Here’s a few tips on how to eat healthy on a tight budget:

              • Be sure to buy fresh produce when it’s in season.  Different fruits and vegetables are priced differently depending on the time of the year, so buy them when they are in season and then freeze them.
              • Keep an eye out for sales – be sure you have the savings cards offered by the local grocery stores and and keep an eye on the weekly ad circular.
              • Learn to love cheaper cuts of meat, especially if you have a crock pot – crock pots are great for making cheaper cuts juicy and tender.
              • Plan your meals ahead of time – so you’re less likely to buy food on impulse.

              With these tips, you should have no problem at all learning how to eat healthy on a tight budget.

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              Sep 17

              Keep Your Fridge Organized With These 3 Tips


                Nothing is worse than thinking you have a head of lettuce in your refrigerator crisper drawer only to discover it’s nothing more than green slime because it’s so old. These easy apartment organization ideas which focus on getting and keeping your fridge in shape can keep that from ever happening again.

                • Begin by removing everything from the fridge, wiping down the shelves, checking all expiration dates and then replacing only the items you know you’re going to eat. There is no sense in keeping foodstuffs you don’t like and won’t ever consume.
                • Save room by removing things which don’t really need to be kept cold. Store certain condiments including ketchup, mustard and vinegar in a dark cool cupboard.
                • Pick up square plastic bins at the container store and designate them for certain types of foods. For example, one for sandwich fixings, one for breakfast foods and one for snacks.
                • Place those items that need to be kept the coldest near the back of the fridge and/or on the shelves closest to the freezer.
                • Use shallow dishwasher safe plastic tubs for storing raw protein to avoid cross contamination.

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                Sep 17

                5 Interesting Uses of Aluminum Foil


                  There are plenty of household objects that can see life outside of their usual purpose. Aluminum foil, for example, can be utilized in a number of handy ways. Here are some apartment living ideas that are sure to put your aluminum foil to good use.

                  Use aluminum foil to line your drawers. They are extremely easy to clean, and the reflecting light can help you see better in the farther corners of the drawer.

                  Protect your pie. Next time you’re baking a pie, wrap the crust edges in foil. This will keep them from burning and keep your pie tasting fresh.

                  Scrub your flatware. Your plates can be scrubbed clean with aluminum foil. Roll a bit of foil into a ball and get to scrubbing.

                  Put some aluminum foil under the cover of your ironing board. It will speed up the process due to its ability to transfer heat.

                  Aluminum foil can also be used on the fly. If you have need of a funnel, but only have aluminum foil on hand, you can fashion the foil into a bendable, working funnel.

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                  Sep 17

                  Apartment Living With Your Favorite Pet


                    Did you know that dogs and cats offer several benefits to humans? It’s true! Our furry four-legged friends are not only a pleasure to live with in an apartment setting, they’re also lend a significant boon to human emotional well-being and physical health. Whether you prefer a furiously wagging puppy dog tail or the gentle head bunting of your fluffy kitty cat, the following tips will help make apartment living with your favorite pet even more pleasurable.

                    • Be Courteous – If your dog barks incessantly, try to help him or her with separation anxiety. This will prevent neighbors complaining to you about your pet’s behavior and keep you free and clear of headaches.
                    • Be Diligent – Vaccinate your pet, and stay current with shots and other preventative treatments.
                    • Be Reasonable – Although our community doesn’t restrict breed sizes, it’s key to decorate your home to accommodate your pet’s size. You must also house train your dog or cat in order to keep an clean, orderly home.

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                    May 17

                    Utilize These 5 Design Ideas to Arrange Furniture in Your Living Room


                      Get the living room in your Aquia Terrace apartment looking great this summer with some simple apartment decorating ideas that you can implement quickly and conveniently. Consider these five ideas

                      • Take advantage of the optical effects of mirrors- Placing mirrors around your room can create an illusion of extended space.
                      • Sneak in some storage- If you put some research into it, you can find many sneaky ways to store items in your home. Consider multi-purpose furniture with built-in storage or a credenza with storage compartments in place of a console table.
                      • Opt for smaller furniture pieces- If you need to optimize space in your living room, consider smaller furniture pieces that will allow for more open areas.
                      • Fill in a corner with a sectional- A sectional is a comfy furniture piece that can make efficient use of space when fit snuggly into a corner.
                      • Get a backless sofa- A sofa without a back is something of an unconventional furniture piece, but you might want to consider it if you want to give your living room a modern and unique look.

                      For more apartment decorating ideas, follow our community blog.

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